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Vehicle urea filling machine
Vehicle urea filling machine

As countries' protection of the environment has become more and more important, in recent years, exhaust gas treatment has become the top priority of environmental protection. The urea solution for vehicles has been born. It has been very hot in the past two years, and its development prospects are also huge. The diesel exhaust gas treatment liquid is also called: The use of urea for vehicles, environmentally friendly urea for automobiles, etc., and the production of diesel exhaust gas treatment fluids are still in the emerging industries.

The vehicle urea filling machine adopts the weighing filling system, automatic weighing filling and automatic gland capping, which can greatly meet the needs of enterprises to mass produce urea for vehicles. The vehicle urea production line can also be customized according to the needs.

The fully automatic vehicle urea filling machine is specially designed for the filling equipment designed for vehicle urea, vehicle urea solution, urea water, glass water, antifreeze and other products. The filling machine adopts high liquid level isostatic filling method. Packed, suitable for a variety of urea solutions.

Performance advantages:

The urea filling machine for vehicles is easy to operate, has high filling accuracy, and is easy to clean and maintain. Easy to adjust, no filling, accurate filling, counting function.

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