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Car urea filling machine to change the future

In recent years, news of environmental pollution has been reported frequently. Air pollution such as smog has placed environmental protection requirements in a more conspicuous position. Many people have directed environmental pollution to the emission of automobile exhaust. In this context, green and environmental protection. Automobile fuel came into being, and vehicle urea also appeared in the public's field of vision. Compared with previous years, people's understanding of car ethanol and vehicle urea has made significant progress, and car ethanol has entered people's lives. The urea filling of the car is naturally followed.

It is reported that in the current use of vehicle urea is increasing, many companies have launched the idea of ​​manufacturing such products, so a high-performance filling equipment has become the focus of many companies.

The vehicle urea filling machine produced by Shandong Haiming Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. uses computer quantitative control system, adopts feed pump or hopper pressure feeding mode, and the operation is continuous and stable. The operator can speed the feeding speed according to the pneumatic control system. Control, in operation, weighing platform with highly sensitive sensors for real-time monitoring of filling. In terms of efficiency, the filling machine can quickly switch and adjust different capacity vessels, increase the filling rate and eliminate the need to replace the filling accessories. Most of the operation process only needs the staff to complete on the touch screen, making the operation more intuitive and simple. .

The composition of the filling machine uses high-quality pneumatic components and electrical appliances, which not only has the advantages of low failure rate during use, but also has the advantages of easy disassembly and cleaning. It has won the recognition of customers in cooperation with many enterprises.

Urea for vehicles is a trend of energy development in the future, and the urea filling machine for vehicles is a booster to promote this energy use. Shandong Haiming Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. will continue to pursue the principle of innovation and keep pace with the times. Future efforts.

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