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Oil filling machine for oil filling

Peanut oil, soybean oil, corn oil, walnut oil, sesame oil... As long as you can imagine the cooking oil, this oil filling machine can easily load oil, is not very powerful, now we introduce an oil irrigation Installed , it can be said that it is the gospel of the production of edible oil companies, it can add fuel to your efficiency and "fuel".

Imagine the traditional oil-pressing and oil-filling mode. After crushing the oil with stones weighing hundreds of kilograms or even kilograms, and then using oil drums to pick up the oil, this traditional process is there, but the efficiency is really low, and even more To make matters worse, oily oil may have dripping when loading oil. It is a pity that oil is not ruled out during the oil filling process.

Now, with the improvement of production level, the physical and technical work of loading oil has become much simpler. Take the oil filling machine produced by Shandong Haiming Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. as an example, first to solve the efficiency problem. On the top, the oil is subdivided into two types: piston filling machine and flow type filling. The producer can select the product according to his own needs. It is worth noting that the piston filling machine passes the principle of cylinder movement, and the oil is loaded quantitatively. There are certain advantages in loading speed and filling quantity, and the flow type filling adopts the principle of gear pump, which realizes the performance of material extraction and slow-speed double-speed filling.

Whether the filling is too complicated, in fact, in the operation, as long as the container is aligned with the oil outlet, it can be easily controlled through the digital display. The reason is that the machine adopts the PLC control program and performs precise control on the frequency conversion speed regulation. Looking for the filling process, the amount of oil is accurate and reliable, and there is no shortage of dripping.

It is understood that the production capacity of this machine is between 200 and 2000 barrels per hour, which is a “fueling” for producers in terms of efficiency.