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Automatic labeling machine makes labeling easier

In the past, due to the limitation of productivity level, manual labeling of products has become an important link in the post-production process, and it is also a relatively laborious link. In this link, manual labeling not only wastes a lot of human resources, but also the signs that are posted are often non-standard and non-uniform, which makes the product image greatly reduced.

With the advancement of productivity, label sticking has the efficiency and functional requirements in real production. A fully automatic labeling machine with low energy consumption, simple operation and safe use is ready to come. In this context, many mechanical manufacturers put the research of product labeling machines on the curriculum.

After years of exploration, Shandong Haiming Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. independently developed the automatic labeling machine , which has won the praise of customers after it was put into the market.

It is understood that the automatic labeling machine produced by Shandong Haiming Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. pays attention to the operation and function, and promotes the online help function of the flow, especially for the different modeling products of customers. In order to make breakthroughs in key years, in recent years, many experiments have been carried out on the labeling of square, flat and curved shapes, which has achieved a good model for labeling various styling products and is used in stand-alone use for customer connection. It can be described as simple operation, worry-free and effortless.

In addition to the conventional utensil labels, the company's products are functionally moving toward various fields such as daily chemicals and food, and by continuously improving the core principles of sensor testing, it is finally from placing products to conveying products to automatic stickers. The standard automatic process makes labeling easier.