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The bottle washing machine makes the bottle wash the surface of the leather to reproduce the crystal clear

Should the used bottles and beverage bottles be washed one by one with a brush? This is too outdated. This ancient method of washing bottles not only wastes a lot of cherished water resources, but also has to put a lot of manpower and material resources. There is a problem that the cleaning is not completely clean and unclean. The most important thing is that such cleaning The way the efficiency is low, it is difficult to meet the needs of production.

Today, the editor has painstakingly introduced a new type of bottle washer for consumers. This machine uses a more flexible mechanical gripper to grip the bottle very dexterously. Under the principle of mechanical movement, the bottle is turned over. The bottle mouth is downward, and the flexibility is no less than that of the gymnast. Then, the water pressure is applied to the bottle by the water pressure of the strength, the water injection is evenly sprayed, and the water is strong, and the various foreign objects adhered to the bottle can be washed. The net, the realization of no dead angle "bathing", followed by water control, and then do a beautiful reset flip action, a dirty bottle turned into a change, wash the heart, turned into a new bottle.

do you know? This series of actions not only completes the standard, but also the efficiency is very high. No matter what type of bottle, its washing efficiency has reached the efficiency of cleaning 3,500 bottles to 12,000 bottles per hour, which is very impressive! In these years of experiments, it has cleaned a variety of wine bottles, beverage bottles and seasoning bottles, which has provided a guarantee for the cleaning work of various liquid brewing manufacturers before filling, and not only that, but also the consumption. The advantages of being low and beautiful in appearance.

This cost-effective machine is produced by Shandong Haiming Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., and its name is a fully automatic flip type bottle washer. If you are still worrying about cleaning before filling, it is recommended that you choose it. This tall bottle washer will not let you down.