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Wine filling machine
Wine filling machine

Main features of the wine filling machine

1. This series of filling machine is suitable for quantitative filling of glass bottles of wine, beverages, condiments, liquid pesticides and other liquids without CO2 gas.

2, high precision: standard capacity 500ml 1.5ml. High efficiency: stepless frequency control, each valve can reach 250-300 bottles / hour (500mI).

3, large capacity: 100-800m| arbitrary adjustment within the range.

4, a wide range: can be suitable for a variety of bottle types, special bottle type can achieve semi-automatic work.

5, fully automatic: the guide of the bottle support function is complete, there is overload protection, the situation automatically alarms, stop.

6. Soft start: When starting up, the machine will slowly rise from low speed to set speed without rigid impact.

7, do not break the bottle: with elastic bottle device, not subject to bottle height, short limit, the bottle is not in place without breaking the bottle, does not damage the machine. 8, saving raw materials: no bottles are not canned, canned without filling.

9. Measurement adjustment: equipped with continuous automatic adjustment capacity device, high precision and convenient operation.

Technical Parameters: