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A set of wine filling machines for the Junjieli wine industry in Heilongjiang Province

In January 2018, Heilongjiang Shuangcheng Jundeli Liquor Industry Co., Ltd. cooperated with our company to order a set of wine filling machines . The company's high-precision white wine production line, which is custom-made for the Ducheng Jundeli wine industry in Heilongjiang Province, has a total length of 25 meters and covers an area of ​​300 square meters. It is suitable for liquor, wine, bamboo wine, rice wine, rice wine and other alcoholic products. Liquid filling, filling volume between 100-750 ml, average error ± 1.5 ml, can be closed filling of the bottle mouth, spraying the inner wall of the liquid, but not hops, no spill. And our customized products are equipped with elastic bottle holders, which are not restricted by the bottle height, do not break the bottle, and do not damage the machine.

The size of the wine filling machine is 1260*1280*1990, the product power is 1.5 kW, the productivity is 3000 bottles/hour, no bottle is not filled, no dripping after filling, it can be suitable for a variety of bottle types.

The rapid development of the packaging industry has caused many people to engage in the development of the packaging industry. There are also many domestic packaging manufacturers. However, in terms of the current development form, there are not many manufacturers specializing in the packaging industry, which is also hindering liquid irrigation. A factor in the development of installed capacity. For the development of liquid filling machines, the pursuit of high quality and low energy consumption development, in recent years, many manufacturers are committed to independent innovation, committed to high quality, low energy consumption is designed to provide consumers with higher quality services. With the increasing demand of the beverage industry, liquid filling machines need to strictly demand themselves to provide consumers with high-quality products, because only in this way can consumers' safety be guaranteed. As a manufacturer of the packaging industry, it is necessary to take a long-term view and not be able to pay for it only for the benefit of the eyes. Because the two most suitable industries for liquid filling machines have a lot to do with people's health, such as the beverage industry and the pharmaceutical industry, the demand for beverages in the summer will be relatively more, and the quality is directly related to our health.