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Henan Chuangyue New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. ordered a set of urea filling machine for vehicle vehicles

Due to the influence of the big environment, many domestic cars use urea as the fuel for motor vehicles. Ethanol gasoline for vehicles is a kind of automobile fuel formed by mixing denatured fuel ethanol and gasoline in a certain proportion. The use of ethanol gasoline for vehicles can save oil resources and reduce the pollution of automobile exhaust gas. Such ethanol gasoline has been successfully used for many years in some countries.

Due to the widespread use of urea for vehicles, the demand for urea filling machines for vehicles is increasing. This is not the case. Henan Chuangyue New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has ordered a set of urea filling machines for vehicles.

Henan Chuangyue New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in technology development, technical services and technology transfer of new energy products; technology development and sales of new energy auto supplies; technology research and development, technology transfer and sales of biomass fuel (straw charcoal); Additive technology development, technical services, technology transfer; gasoline additives, diesel additives, automotive exhaust cleaners, automotive supplies, chemical products (except flammable and explosive and hazardous chemicals) sales, our products are in line with the company Requirements.

Our company's customized car ethanol filling machine and automatic linear filling machine have a total length of 30 meters, including filling, sealing, labeling and sealing of the entire production line. It covers an area of ​​450 square meters and is suitable for ethanol gasoline filling. Packing, car urea filling, daily chemical product filling, etc., the product has the characteristics of saving labor and high production efficiency. The machine is compact and reasonable in design, simple and beautiful in appearance, convenient in filling volume adjustment, and can be used in various specifications. , maintenance-free design, continuous work, long-lasting stability, the equipment is made of good quality 304 stainless steel material, durable.