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Haiming Packaging is a customized automatic linear filling machine for Tonglu Hongbo Seed Industry in Inner Mongolia.

Inner Mongolia Tongliao Hongbo seed industry mainly produces crop seeds; processing, packaging, distribution of corn, rice, soybeans, sunflowers, vegetables, miscellaneous grains, beans, hemp; seed product recycling; pesticides and other projects, this cooperation with us, mainly For the filling application of pesticides, fertilizers and other products.

The automatic linear filling machine production line customized by our company for Tongliao Hongbo Seed Industry in Inner Mongolia is composed of automatic piston filling machine, automatic sealing machine and automatic labeling machine. The filling line has a total length of 25 meters and covers an area. 250-300 square meters, suitable for filling pesticides, foliar fertilizers and other fillings with certain viscous liquids.

Our production line produces 1500-2000 bottles per hour. The automatic production line saves labor and the filling volume is accurate. The automatic sealing machine has no manual buckle cover, saving labor and high production efficiency, bringing great convenience to customers. Made of stainless steel, strong corrosion resistance, filling head design, vacuum suction system, ensuring no dripping during filling process, touch screen interface, simple operation, eager to learn, RLC control system, fast calculation speed, stable performance, electrical parts are fine Components to ensure stable operation of the whole machine.

I believe that the application of our products in Tongliao Hongbo Seed Industry in Inner Mongolia can improve efficiency and obtain good economic income. At the same time, if there are new partners who want to cooperate with our company, we are also very welcome to visit our company. Investigate custom products.