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Congratulations to Shengfu Vinegar Industry for ordering automatic linear filling machine in our company

On June 20, 2018, Shanxi Qingxu County Shengfu Vinegar Co., Ltd. ordered an automatic production line for automatic linear filling machine , automatic reverse rinsing machine, capping machine and labeling machine. And the quality of the products is highly evaluated, and the company is steadfast and precise.

Share a few tips:

1. Whether the speed throttle valve and the filling interval throttle valve are closed, and whether the throttle valve is closed;

2. Quickly connect the three-way control valve for foreign objects. If yes, please clean it. If there is air in the pipe of the three-way control valve and the filling head, if there is air, try to reduce or eliminate the air.

3. All seals are damaged. If there is any damage, please replace it with a new one;

4. Whether the filling valve plug is blocked or delayed. If there is a paper jam, reinstall the spool. If the delay is open, the thin cylinder throttle valve needs to be adjusted;

5. Quickly install the three-way control valve, compress the spring force of the upper and lower compression coil springs, adjust the spring force of the spring, and the elastic force too large check valve does not open;

6. Whether the filling speed is too fast, adjust the filling speed throttle valve to reduce the filling speed;

7. All fixtures and hose clamps are sealed, inspected and corrected;

8. If the magnetic switch is loose, please lock it after each adjustment.

After the cause of the failure is detected, it can be repaired correctly. If the filling machine is not evenly injected, the ends of the joint are tightly tightened and there is a leak. If the screw is tightened further, the machine can rotate normally, but no liquid is discharged. Check that the foreign matter in the valve should be cleaned immediately; check that the upper and lower casings in the valve are not placed correctly. The correct way is to have both thimbles face down instead of upside down. If it is opened, the crank does not rotate normally. This situation is relatively simple to handle. When the upper fixing rod is downward, the inner tube and the outer tube are firmly pressed when the syringe is pushed, so that the crank cannot be rotated. Loosen the nut, move the upper rod up to the appropriate position, and tighten the nut. If the inner and outer tubes are not clean and secure when assembling the syringe, remove the syringe and clean it. Observe the end of the injection system and load it into the bearing. Make it not working properly and need to be reloaded.