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Automatic sealing machine
Automatic sealing machine

The automatic sealing machine is suitable for the ideal sealing machine for aluminum foil bags, plastic bags and composite bags for pesticides, food, medicine, lubricants, daily chemicals and food industries. The sealing machine is newly developed and manufactured by absorbing domestic and foreign good technical means, and has vertical and horizontal sealing functions. It is suitable for the sealing and bag making of all plastic films. It is an ideal sealing device for food factories, cosmetics factories, pharmaceutical factories, etc. It can be run continuously or customized according to user needs.

The automatic sealing machine produced by our company can be used for filling and sealing of jelly, instant noodles, dairy products, soy flour, ice cream, sauces, juice drinks, etc. The single-piece cover automatic cover device designed for instant noodles and fresh milk is specially designed. Good performance, accurate cover, beautiful and clean, practical, is a good choice for sealing the product packaging.

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