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Lubricating oil filling machine
Lubricating oil filling machine

The lubricating oil filling machine adopts PLC programming control and is made of high quality stainless steel, which conforms to GMP standards. All electrical components are large brands and accurate.

Automatic lubricating oil filling production line

The automatic filling production line is suitable for quantitative filling of water-to-viscous liquid products, and is widely used in filling equipment for lubricating oil, pesticide, food, daily chemical and edible oil industries.


1. Filling accuracy can reach ±1%.

2. The filling time and parameters can be set freely.

3. The control system adopts PLC programmable controller, touch screen man-machine interface, and provides multiple groups of memory areas.

4, the key components use European and American or imported original components.

5, according to the customer's bottle shape and filling requirements to design matching capping machine and other products.

Work flow: send bottle---detect automatic bottle---filling nozzle drop---quantitative filling and filling machine---automatic cover---automatic capping---jetting--- Enter the packing station, (optional inkjet printer - labeling machine)

What are the advantages of this lubricating oil filling machine and traditional lubricating oil filling machine:

1. Filling speed is faster, speed can be controlled by touch screen

2. The operation is simpler, and the filling capacity can be directly input on the touch screen.

3. Filling accuracy is more precise, can be directly fine-tuned directly on the touch screen

4. For high foam products, it can be filled in sections and can be filled slowly at the mouth of the bottle.