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Condiment filling machine
Condiment filling machine

There are many kinds of condiment filling machines according to the types. Here we will briefly introduce them:

The general seasoning filling machine has a wine filling machine, rice wine filling machine, soy sauce filling machine, vinegar filling machine, mustard water filling machine, vinegar filling machine, taste fresh filling machine, and old filling filling. Machines, rice vinegar filling machines, Huadiao wine filling machines, soy filling machines, rice wine filling machines, etc. are many.

Technical Parameters:

Filling amount: 100ML-5L

Filling accuracy: less than or equal to +2ML

Production: 60-80 bottles/min in a single lane (varies by material and bottle size); 80-100 bottles/min in double lanes (varies by material and bottle size)

Power: less than or equal to 8KW

Working voltage: 220/380V 50/60HZ

The condiment filling machine adopts liquid self-flow filling, which can be applied to the filling of white vinegar, rice vinegar, cooking wine, soy sauce, soy sauce, vinegar and other seasonings. The filling capacity is large and the bottle type is suitable.


1. This machine adopts special filling valve to ensure stable and durable filling.

2. When filling, the liquid will flow down the bottle wall like an umbrella. This can control the foam caused by liquid impact during filling and prevent liquid spillage.

3. This machine adopts PLC system control, with overload and emergency stop protection, which can make the filling process stable and reliable.

4. The filling quantity informs the PLC intelligent control, which is accurate, stable and convenient to adjust.

5. The filling range of the machine is large, and the filling amount can be adjusted in 100-5000 ml. (out of range can be customized)

6, the applicable bottle height range, normal can be adjusted between 180-550 mm. (out of range can be customized)

7. The main seals are made of imported silica gel, and the main parts are made of 304 stainless steel that meets food hygiene standards.

8. The filling valve is easy to disassemble and easy to clean.

Scope of application:

This machine can be applied to the filling of various bottled liquids such as cosmetics, edible, petrochemical and medical. Suitable for users who frequently change materials and cleaning requirements.