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Market prospects for automotive urea filling machines

In recent years, smog, a new type of pollutant represented by PM2.5, has frequently appeared in large and medium-sized cities. Among them, motor vehicle exhaust is the main source of pollution. As the domestic air pollution situation is serious, relevant The department has strict requirements on motor vehicle exhaust. Since the implementation of the new national four standards in 2015, domestic mainstream motor vehicle manufacturers have basically adopted SCR technology to meet the national four emission standards, while vehicle urea filling equipment is expected to The ratio of the route station is at least 80%. In simple terms, the amount of urea used in a commercial vehicle is 1.2 tons to 1.5 tons a year. It is conceivable that the demand for the vehicle urea filling machine will be How big is the market demand for this device will see a small wave of peak growth, the current market situation is very good.

Shandong Haiming Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in liquid filling production equipment and water treatment equipment. It has been focusing on the production of urea filling machine for vehicles for many years. The products produced meet the domestic standards and have good quality. The filling machine is called The heavy filling system can automatically weigh the filling and automatic gland capping, which can greatly meet the current market demand for urea filling. The vehicle urea production line can also be customized according to the needs.

The fully automatic vehicle urea filling machine is specially designed for the filling equipment designed for vehicle urea, vehicle urea solution, urea water, glass water, antifreeze and other products. The filling machine adopts high liquid level isostatic filling method. Packed, suitable for a variety of urea solutions.

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